Trackman League

Trackman League


Jay Kelly Golf Academy welcomes you to the brand new Trackman League! Starting Monday 4th December 2017!

What is a trackman league and how does it work?

Trackman league is a new competition set up by Jay. Compete against friends, club members and academy members in a combine test each week. You will be able to see your test results online with your unique ‘my trackman’ login!

This tournament is only open to 10 players and you can only have 1 test per week. 

You will be required to hit shots to various targets at different distances set by the Trackman. Each shot will be scored out of 100 by the trackman, 100 being practically in the hole! 

After you have hit a series of around 20 shots, trackman will give you your combine score.

e.g. 73 

Once you have your score, you will add your playing handicap to that score to give you your total nett score. 

e.g. 73 + your 8 handicap = a total score of 81

Each week we keep your score and add it to our league table. The league will last for 5 weeks and we will only take your best 3 scores giving you a total score for the tournament. 

The winner of the tournament will receive £100 to spend in our Professional Shop. But if you do not win it’s ok….because you will have plenty of information about your game, tips from Jay and you can rate your improvement week to week. 

The greatest thing about this league is it doesn’t take to long either! The test will take around 15 – 20 minutes so perfect before or after your round of golf at the club. Maybe you want to take the test at the end of a lesson and Jay can use the data to help move your game forward. 

If you would like to enter this league please email and get yourself booked in with Jay


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