More Successful PuttLab Results!

More Successful PuttLab Results!

Yet another successful SAM – PuttLab session has been given!

George Boxall – 23 from Kent, a 5 handicap golfer who struggles on the putting surface, came for some data from the lab. After hitting a series of putts, George soon realised when looking back over the data that his results were somewhat disappointing.image

  • Alignment issues leading to manipulation of the putter through impact
  • ‘Out to in’ putting stroke
  • Poor ball roll
  • Strikes out the toe of putter
  • Poor consistancy

Together, George and I changed the set up of his putter making it slightly shorter in length and changed his lie angle also. George was then given various drills to correct bad habits. The results were incredible!

That weekend George took his new stroke to the course and saw instant improvement. Shooting a gross score of level par (71) with 6 putts less than his last round of golf! His putting stats went from 34 putts to 28 putts!

Well done George! 


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