Golf Coaching Goes French

Jay Kelly and Jordan Godwin (PGA Professional Barnhurst GC) took on a class of French students in a 2 hour introduction into golf.

The class travelled all the way from France on a coach trip around England to play Golf, Rugby, Cricket and lastly to visit the Olympic stadium to watch the rugby World Cup. On their travels they stopped at Barnhurst Golf Club in Kent to be tought golf by the 2 young pros. The class was made up of 33 students and 5 teachers who all took part in the session.image

The class was split into 2 groups, and covered different aspects of the game.

  • Pitching
  • Putting
  • Irons
  • Driving

I think all of the students will agree that Driving was the most exciting part of the day!

Both Jay and Jordan wish them the best on their travels and hope they continue to golf back home.

au revoir!

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